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The mathematical formula for love Published 9 February image copyrightThinkstock Looking for the ideal partner? Wondering if your relationship will last? They're common questions as Valentine's Day approaches - so how do you find the right person and keep them? Hannah Fry, author of The Mathematics of Love, says three things make the magic formula. Be proud: Play up to whatever makes you different Anyone who's ever ed a dating website will know the hours of agony picking your perfect profile picture - the one where you had perfect hair, glowing skin and a winning smile.

Indeed, the most messaged person on OKCupid as of last summer is Lauren Uraseka makeup artist from Manhattan with striking looks and a s style offset by a of large, prominent tattoos. Take a look at the stats and see for yourself: 1. The odds are in your favor. They held fetermine negative belief and used bad behaviour to reinforce this opinion.

Discovering and using data is his thing. People who divided opinion - those that were rated as both very beautiful and very ugly - did far better than those who everyone agreed were aftractiveness cute. So play up to whatever makes you different.

You’re probably passing up your soulmate, and you don’t even know it

attractivenesss I always thought that good relationships were about compromise and giving each other room to be yourself - so you might think it was the couples that could let things go the ones with a high negativity threshold that did well. I know that seems like a bit of a leap, but it's true — science says so. Instead, having people think you are unattractive can actually work to your advantage.

Deterkine of the type of relationship you're after, it pays to take the initiative.

How does okcupid determine attractiveness

For some reason, women are still really hesitant to send the first message on online dating. But straight ladies are still just waiting to attractiiveness approached online. Wondering if your relationship will last? Maybe that doesn't seem like a big deal.

Like a lot. To test how attractiveness might link to popularity, Rudder and his team took a random selection of 5, female users and compared the average attractiveness scores they each received with the of messages they were sent in a month. You're so selfish. Plus, you don't have to wade through some of the weird, weird messages you get on OKCupid looking for the good ones — you make the good ones.

That's of those who identify as straight. So what does that mean? The method of one group approaching another follows the rules of the "Gale Shapley Algorithm". You'd think attractiveness would be a pretty good indicator of how popular they'd be. Could it be No matter how attractive a woman appears, we see similar messaging behavior.

Okcupid how do you know who liked you how does okcupid determine attractiveness

They would dismiss negative behaviour as out of the ordinary: "She's just tired," or, "They've been really stressed at work recently. Despite only 17 percent of women still thinking the men should pay on a first date a tradition I wish would just disappearwe're less progressive when it comes to online correspondence. If you choose to send a message you're more likely to xoes up with a date and it'll be with a more attractive prospect. On the other hand, if you eoes that others may be put okckpid by something quirky in their appearance, there's less competition and an extra incentive to get in touch.

But it turns out women who message first are not only more likely to get replies, they're more likely to get hotter dudes — seriously. With the gay and lesbian community it's way more even obviously, it has to be and even among those who identify as bisexual. Over a of years, psychologist John Gottman recorded hundreds of married couples in conversation with each other, asking them to discuss the most contentious issue in their relationship.


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In one section you can rate how attractive detefmine people are on a scale between 1 and 5. Play up to whatever makes you different - that's the best way to attract the people who matter. They analyzed the type of people that users send messages to and found that "men are reaching out to women 17 percentile points more attractive, and women contact men who are 10 percentile points more attractive.

But mathematicians have found that the way you argue can reveal your chances of success as a couple. When women send the first doed they end up with dates 30 percent of the time, compared to 12 percent of the time when guys message first again, talking about straight people here.

Is okcupid shallow?

I mean, if men are sending all those messages then straight women are getting approached anyway, right? Rudder would have wanted to survey as many people as possible and find out. So how does the quantity of messages received affect women? Be provokable: Speak up if something bothers you Even people in the best relationships have arguments.

How does okcupid determine attractiveness

And the maths behind this algorithm comes with an important result: those who do the asking will always end up with much better partners than the group who sit back and accept a suitor's advances. Related Topics. Because being easy on the eye won't give you an easy pass to online success. Be proud of that bald patch, show off that tattoo and get that belly out, because standing out online just means being yourself. Be proactive: Go out and get what you want Imagine you're at a party with a group of single friends, all trying to decide how best to boost determien chances of meeting someone.

As part of an event determune the. According to the report: " Women rarely reach outno matter their circumstances. If we allowed this party scenario to play out in the very old-fashioned boy-approaches-girl way, each of the boys would hit on his first-choice girl.

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When choosing a profile picture don't be afraid to put some people off. The mathematical formula for love Published 9 February image copyrightThinkstock Looking for the ideal partner? When you stumble upon someone who is beautiful, but suspect that everyone else will think so too, you imagine they're receiving a lot of messages and decide not humiliate yourself by throwing your hat in the ring.

It okcypid the couples with the low negativity threshold that had the best attractivenes of staying together in the long run - those who weren't afraid to speak their minds.

How does okcupid determine attractiveness

Who knew maths could give you such a nice way to live? This attractivneess how negative one partner needs to be before provoking a strong reaction in the other. Because when Gottman teamed up with mathematician James Murray, they were able to translate their findings into a mathematical model. This does make some intuitive sense. And this gives us our first tip. But the team found that dftermine exact opposite was true.

If you're waiting around to be messaged, you're going to be messaged by people who are less attractive than you are.

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You're not trying to appeal to the masses, so don't make yourself bland. Should you sit back and wait for them to come to you, or walk right up to the most attractive partygoer, risking a humiliating rejection? If you put yourself out there, start at the top of the list, and work your way down, you'll always end up with the best possible person who'll have you. Well, sort of.

They also looked at their attractiveness rating yup, the profiles are rated to see if that affected it— nope again.

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The model predicted that it's the spirals of negativity you need to watch out for in a relationship, and particularly something called the "negativity threshold". Be proud: Play up to whatever makes you different Anyone who's ever ed a dating website will know the hours of agony picking your perfect profile picture - the one where you had perfect hair, glowing skin and a winning smile.

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